• Landon Harvey

Week of 8/19: College and Career

I started college this week. The past five days have been packed with an ever-growing list of things I need to get done. On the plus side, I find the harder I work on my studies, the more my subconscious helps me sharpen my senses for joke writing.

Recently, I have been working on a new bit with a character called "Pirate Patty". The character's origin is actually from a joke I had written that Mervin delivers in my show. I think by having Patty come out at the end will be a fun and unexpected callback to Mervin's joke, since she and him are never onstage together, but do refer to one another during their separate bits.

In referring back on my senior year of high school in the ISM program, I am currently working on the fifth version of the "Gilbert the Rooster" script. It has taken a lot of hair pulling, frustration, and thought, but I have finally found a way to portray this character where he is cute and lovable but where the fall-apart aspect of the bit doesn't make the audience feel uncomfortable or compromise the character as solely being a gag bit. I also pride my writing on the fact that the bulk of the material doesn't revolve around chicken puns, or chickens being food. I'm happy with this because I'm avoiding what is expected of this character when I bring him out onstage, and, in doing so, it allows me to establish who he is in his character arc.

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