• Landon Harvey

Week of 5/13: The Aftermath

Updated: May 20, 2019

It was a hectic day. I took the entire school day off to catch up with vent and a fellow client of mine, Joe Gandelman, who flew in from San Diego to see my presentation. I had fixed up his zombie character that I built for him in October, and then we went to lunch at Hula Hut. At Hula Hut, we met my ISM mentor, Dennis Lee. We talked over lunch for hours of showbiz stories.

After lunch, Joe and I headed to my high school and, with the help of two of my other friends, set up my backdrop and some visual aids for my presentation. Final presentation night was a great way to showcase my findings and I am very appreciative to everyone who came out to see my presentation.

Going forward, I am going to take everything I have learned in carving out a career for myself. The ISM Program has allowed me to venture outside of my comfort zone in performing shows, and has also given me a sense of self identity in who I am on and offstage. For this I am thankful to our teacher Ms.Grandell, and to my class as a whole. I have truly felt like I was a part of this class' family.

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