• Landon Harvey

Week of 4/8: Back to the Basics

I reached out to a puppet builder a while ago on a technique that was used to accomplish a glossy turtle shell. The shell was made out of foam, painted, and then covered in a clear coat. After multiple trials of reworking the new rooster's head, I think that forming a beak patterned in l200 foam, and then directly painting that is my best option.

This process will require a new set of materials that will take a week to have shipped to me. In the meantime, I'm staying busy with a few custom orders for clients, and , of course, the creation of my variety show. After talking with my mentor, Dennis Lee, I have an entirely new way of presenting my show to children and family audiences. This new show will be an integration of my life as a puppet builder to that of bringing the best you can to the variety show of your life. The idea seems more like a show Dennis Lee would put on, because of the marriage between the two aspects. However, I know I will be able to put my twist on it to be able to provide audiences an unforgettable experience.

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