• Landon Harvey

Week of 4/1: The Bird's Head

This past weekend I realized how unsatisfied I was with the rooster's head. It was cute, and looked okay. However, it was uncomfortable to puppeteer. As a builder, I'm constantly searching for new ways in which I can improve the custom characters I build for my clients. Occasionally, as I advance in a certain aspect of the build, I'll take that knowledge and transfer it to the puppets I have that I personally use.

I have been working on a gremlin puppet as a part of a video series my friend Langston hatch and I are creating. In making the mouth plate, I realized I could use different materials to make the puppeteering process a lot easier on the performer's hand. With this newly found information, I am setting off to rebuild the rooster's head. The head of a puppet is usually the hardest part to create.

The following are some reasons why it poses difficulty:

-Matching the size of the previous head pattern.

-Keeping the eyes in focus.

-Maintaining the overall look and feel the character gives off.

All of these things are important when creating a back up. Although I'm not creating a backup per say, I'm still looking to improve the face of the character. Another part of the puppet I needed to fix is the beak. Originally, I had covered the foam beak in a yellow fabric, and then painted it in various layers of yellow. The issue with that, was that it made it fairly heavy and difficult to perform. After checking out the channel known as Evil Ted, I realized I could use EVA foam on the beak, and then directly paint that. So that is my plan. I should easily have this completed before final presentation night, which will allow me to get right back on track.

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