• Landon Harvey

Week of 3/4/19: What to DO

This past week left me very busy as it was the last week before spring break. However, I have had some things I have bee working on in the background-all, for the most part, relating to my variety show. The following is a list I've created to keep inventory on what needs to be worked on.


1.) Backdrop and Sign

2.) The Birds (Make the three puppets and buy the music)

3.) Mervin and Muffin Script .

4.) Build Muffin the Dog Puppet.

5.) Buy additional needed music for the show.

6.) Practice music cues.

7.) Run and time the show

I have heard from multiple sources to write down your goals. It has even been proven to be more effective in the execution of them. This checklist of these seven things I need to have completed as soon as possible all amalgamate to this vision I keep having of my show. I did not always use to see performing like this. However, now, everything is an ideal. And ideal is the birth of a new show aspect. I'm really hooked on having the birds open for me because of the vision I had of them randomly when my phone played their song. Once all these ideals are created into tangible puppets and scripts, I will finally get to run the show and tweak what doesn't work as expected. Then, once I feel that it is ready for a live audience, I will start marketing it to family show venues and large-scale birthday parties.

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