• Landon Harvey

Week of 7/29: New Markets

A few weeks ago I had the honor of delivering a puppet to my ISM mentor Dennis Lee. He had me recreate his main character, Nana Puddin, which is a baby monkey that was originally built by Verna Finley. The original that I used as a reference as I built the new one is around twenty years old.

Landon Harvey of The Original Dummy Company with Dennis Lee and the new Nana Puddin.

In recent news, I attended a library show where I had the opportunity to see Nancy Burks Worcester perform her space themed show. She is also a ventriloquist and used to work with Dennis. Seeing her show live was a great learning opportunity for me. Being able to take note of what children laughed at as well as how Nancy integrated content she wanted the children to learn allowed me to get an idea of what people booking for libraries look for in a quality library show.

Landon Harvey with Nancy Burks and her friend Waco.

I was able to take my notes from Nancy's show and use them as a template to grow ideas off of for when I write for my library show. Libraries will be one of the new markets I plan on going into.

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