• Landon Harvey

Week of 2/25: For the Birds

I thought I may have to rewrite the entire Gilbert the Rooster script. However, it appeared to me in a thought this morning that it may be better for stage. The big chunk of the bit I've been worried about is the Rooster chase bit. It works fairly well when I've performed it at previous shows for children, but it does need to undergo major editing. I do think it will be like Scooter's script where it works for any audience but is funniest when performed on an actual stage with a larger audience.

I started and managed to finish one of three birds that will open my show. My Dad and I worked on perfecting a rod mechanism than employed various things found in my workshop. All it needs is better hair and an extension to the rod it currently is on. I did not see this as being an issue since I could fashion a black wig and connect some pvc pipe to the PVC dowel the puppet was built on. I do think that if the cord snaps it could be difficult to fix. However, with proper cuts to certain hidden areas under the neck of the bird, it should not pose too much of an issue if tweaks become essential.

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