• Landon Harvey

Week of 2/18: Setting the Stage

I've recently been working with branding expert Billy Diamond. He has given true insight in the creation of my backdrop for my new variety show. At first, I had just wanted a plain background. However, after consulting possibilities with him, we ended up with a background that featured the characters in the show. This became ideal for a few reasons.

The first reason is that it gives the audience a preview of what their about to see before the show even starts. The placement of each character generates curiosity to the audience member and draws them into the show. The second reason is that it is very colorful. The backdrop goes with the variety show theme, while providing a great visual for children and family audiences I perform the show for. One of the great things about having a backdrop like this is that it allows me to take any space and turn it into my show. I've realized from multiple ventriloquist interviews the less I have to ask the person booking me for a show, the more likely my show is to succeed. This is because I am able to have control over the main aspects that go into the show.

Currently, the bulk of my shows come from my Gig Masters profile. I'm getting to the point where I'm scheduling time out of my weekend for marketing purposes. I've learned, from multiple performers, that you can have the best show, but if you lack quality marketing skills, it will not matter because you won't have an audience. So, with this, I've ventured out, placing my cards in various restaurants around town.

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