• Landon Harvey

Week of 12/3: The Pageant Project

I have been very busy with my last set of puppet orders. I've had a lot of things to build over the past few months, but I am making an effort to slow down on puppet orders to provide time for more shows. However, a few weeks ago I was contacted by a pageant ventriloquist named Hallie Murray. She contacted me and asked if I was able to build two characters to accompany her onstage in her next show. She told me she needed a girl and a boy, but that appeared older so that they appealed to the judges. Although I really wanted to take on the project, I knew I wouldn't have enough time to meet her deadline, so I declined. I did, however, accept to making one of her characters. I figured both are of equal difficulty, so I asked which one she prefers I make. She told me she wanted me to build her male character.

So there I went, sketching away. Trying to draw a fun, happy, and debonair character that looked like it belonged with her onstage. Once I got the sketch down, I sent it to her. After a few adjustments, the puppet was ready to be built. I hired my good friend Gillian to machine sew certain parts of the puppet's body while I did the hand sewing. The most labor intensive part of this built was the hair. I knew it would either work out great, or totally fail. I wanted to create a different male character than what was expected for pageant performers, and I think I did. I sent the final shots to Hallie, who loved them. The puppet also received some great feedback on my social media platforms.

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