• Landon Harvey

Week of 12/10: Kyle

A few weeks ago, at a college football game, I had the opportunity to talk to a personal trainer, named Kyle. He was such a neat guy to talk to and I truly love hearing people's stories and how they came to be who they are in their career today. He talked to me about how he always wanted to be a doctor, but going to med school for another few years never seemed a good idea, so he continued being a personal trainer and loves doing it to this day. He talked the value of loving what you do in life. He recalled on multiple times, when he helped train very wealthy people that have a constant negative demeanor.

As I got to know Kyle, he got to know me. I talked with him about how I want to be an entertainer but how jumping into that life style and the unknowing can be lot to handle. He also told me of how many of his friend from high school, who went to college and seemed to have everything under control ended up nowhere today because they were sheep following the social norm and lacked a passion to pursue. Talking with Kyle about all of it truly made me feel grateful that I have something I’m fairly good at and have a passion to follow.

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