• Landon Harvey

Week of 11/5: Puppet Projects

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

I've had the pleasure of building many different characters for ventriloquist Joe Gandelman. Recently, I've been working on a zombie character. This character is called "Bill the zombie". To many he seems to be more of a Halloween character. However, I have thought of a way he can be implemented into Joe's show year round.

Joe has a character named Arlen Arlington who he declares as being "the world's oldest man". I thought it would be funny for Bill the Zombie to follow Arlen in Joe's show. This would provide for a neat transition. The following is an example:

Joe: Now that you've all had the chance to meet the world's oldest man, how would you like to meet his grandfather-Bill Arlington?

(Joe pulls out Bill Arlington who appears to be a zombie.)

I highly believe this has great comedic potential. The transition from Bill's introduction to Joe pulling him out of the case is sure to give an audience reaction just by seeing the character as it is introduced. I've included a photo of my progress on Bill so far. Naturally, his eyes are closed, by his sagging, aged, eyebrows. He then will comically open his eyes to get a good look at the audience. He also has an arm that falls off due to a magnet I have inserted. A big thing I had to take into account when creating "Bill" was size. The Arlen puppet I build for Joe (Pictured Below) is rather large because he was built for a big stage show. On the other hand, Bill is significantly smaller that way Joe can entertain with him in walkarounds or throw him in a case and add him to his show.

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