• Landon Harvey

Week of 11/26: Gilbert The Rooster

With highly detailed puppet orders, and a busy school schedule, I have neglected to finish Gilbert. The puppet, in essence, is finished. However, I still need to set up the electromagnets. I bought a large 12 volt battery that sits inside his hollow l200 foam body. The 12 volt attaches to a switch that I access through a handle under Gilbert's body. The switch allows me to cut the magnetic flow, resulting in gilbert's body falling apart. There also lies four electromagnets that will be hooked up to the 12 volt battery. As complicated as it sounds, I really believe it has the potential of giving the desired look I'm going for. I bought the 12 volt at a local store and the guys there said they could hook it up for me once I had the electromagnets.

As I try to figure out the right time to take the electromagnets to the store to get them hooked up, I’ve been finishing other orders. I just recently finished a Rita Moreno puppet for ventriloquist Terry Fator. Terry is performing at a banquet in her honor and wanted to have a character that was to her likeness to perform with. This was such an honor and I had a great time creating the puppet for him. However, i have faced multiple challenges in creating her such as what to use for the eyes, and how to properly install the arm rod mechanism. All in all, I managed to figure it out and I have grown more because of it. I hope I get the opportunity to work with him in the future! My other client order is a dapper boy puppet for a pageant girl ventriloquist. I plan to work on him bit by bit this week that way I can utilize my time to its fullest.

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