• Landon Harvey

Week of 11/12: When Comedy gets Political/Time Management

This week has been uneventful. I've finished my ISM work early, but I haven't had time to schedule a mentor visit. I have, however, been studying few concepts. One involves trends in comedy, and the other is time management. A common trend I've been seeing in the media is comedians getting political. I don't like it when comedians get political. An example of this would be the show Saturday Night Live. They tend to have a strict leftist view when they poke fun at situations that are relevant to the time. It's not that I'm against it, but I think it should be evenly spreaded out. If you're going to make fun of one party, or a person representing that party, you should make fun of the other just as much. Many do not realize that mixing politics into comedy often results in a divide to one's audience. If you make fun of the Democrats, then you should make fun of the Republicans. It's a general rule for comedians who choose to go down that road. There are some comedians, who, by choice, label themselves as political comedians and are known for their humorous bias. Time management is an important thing, especially for me as a senior. A video I recently watched talked about ways that successful people manage their. Time. One thing they recommended was having a notebook everywhere you go. Being able to jot down ideas, concepts, or even terms one learns from a book helps organize one's thoughts. Their reason being is that our minds are best used for processing different ideas, not to hold information. Another aspect they discussed on ways to be successful is to say no to everything that doesn't support your goal. I really found this statement to my liking because it applies so much to the reason why I applied to be in the ISM program. Starting this week, I'm going to go out and plan. I've created a little list of things I plan to do over break. I plan to... -Create a Paypal Account -Create a Gig Masters Profile -Book More Shows -Add magic into my children's show -Update my website -Finish puppet orders By following this list I will be able to be the best me I can be, while managing my time. I also found that I work too much. It's good because I'm driven, but I have dedicated a whole day to my family because that's very important. It also allows for a whole eight hours for me to clear my head of all the stress my checklist puts on me. It's a nice break from my job, but I'm definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving Break!

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