• Landon Harvey

Week of 1/28: Joking Around

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

As the weeks progress I find myself working on every possible aspect of my show. The problem now is, my one man variety show is still in the works so I'm having to pull other bits to use for gigs I've already committed to. I've been writing a lot of material for one of my characters named Mervin. A lot of the time he comes off as being one of the easiest to write for since I use word play and set-up punch for his delivery style of comedy. I'm really excited for this show I have in June for this women's club because I'm planning to do ten minutes with him and this dog I've been developing. The idea for that is that Mervin has been dating this lady who goes to his senior home. He found out she had a dog and now, due to certain circumstances, is having to look after it. It's a great bit but the challenge is figuring out the best material to create five minutes for Mervin, that then flows into his introduction of the dog and their five minutes they take up.

The funny thing is I find myself writing jokes a lot when I come home from school. I feel that school hinders my creativity at times, so, coming home allows me to open my mind to all the possibilities and concepts for new character bits. I thought I would end this year in ISM with a new character. However, in reality, I'll be ending it with two new characters, a lot of experience, and a new show. Getting hyped to present next class and show my fellow ISM family members what I've been up to. It has truly been a great year in ISM and I'm blessed for such a great group of people and environment.

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