• Landon Harvey

Week of 1/22: The Emcee Ventriloquist

This week was fairly uneventful but led up to a neat show. I was hired to emcee with Scooter for a company's annual awards show. The neat thing about this event, was that it took place in the Cowboy's practice stadium, known as The Star. Right off of The Star lies a business building that houses multiple companies. One, of which, is ESRP. They specialize in commercial real estate and are a collection of some of the most genuine people you'll meet. The ceremony took place in a room similar in design to a movie theater. This being the same room the Cowboys go to watch their plays from previous games. The event lasted around an hour. I was introduced, did my eight minutes, and then co-emceed.

Something I've learned from doing Scooter's bit, is that is works best in front of a crowd of fifty or more people, and it requires me to be on a stage for the best audience feedback. As employees of ESRP went up to receive their award, Scooter would throw in occasional quips to fill the dead silence with laughter. Overall, it was a great show as well as a great opportunity for me to push myself out of my comfort zone. It really parallels to why I'm in ISM, which is because I'm wanting to gain experience as well as a sense of who I am as a performer. Each show is another opportunity for me to become one step closer to that.

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