• Landon Harvey

Week of 1/14: Setting the Stage

This past week we had ISM's Winter Showcase. I had two boards for my presentation. One was for my year so far in ISM, and the other was for my original work, Gilbert. The event lasted two hours and by the end of the night my voice was shot, but I had an absolute blast. I passed out over twenty cards, and did some impromptu bits with the rooster. The people who stopped by to see what I've contributed to the ISM

program all ended up getting the opportunity to laugh and see a five minute presentation. I had such fun in sharing everything I've been up to in the world of ventriloquism.

A big thing I got to reveal, was my theme for my act, which is "Landon Harvey's One Man Variety Show". In explaining it to people passing by, I realized my need for a backdrop. Later on that week I searched for the right backdrop until I found one that I could have customized to better fit the theme of my show. Although something like a backdrop make seem pricey, its crucial I have one of high quality. As an entertainer, I'm selling the experience, and being able to turn any location into my stage, will give my audiences the professionalism and quality experience they deserve.

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