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The Annual Ventriloquist ConVENTion and a Birthday Girl at Shark Con!

In this episode of Up Late with Landon!, Landon goes live on TikTok with Jackie Jackalope and Mervin Young from his hotel room at the Holiday Inn in Kentucky.

Why is Landon in Kentucky?? Well for the annual Vent Haven Ventriloquist ConVENTion, of course! Landon is a dealer of custom soft-puppet characters at The Original Dummy, and has two dealers tables at the convention every year.

Along with being a dealer, Landon Harvey is also a working performer, and enjoys the conventions as he's able to meet up with fellow vents friends, talk shop, and share stories.

This episode features fun of Landon decompressing and ad-libbing with the characters after a few days had passed at the ConVENTion! Enjoy!

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