Hank-N-Stien LIVES!

I've been reworking and cleaning up "Hank-N-Stein", who is my monster puppet. He's big but is a lot of fun. Keep an eye out for him in some of my upcoming YouTube content! I've also got a great Halloween event planned that I will be a part of, along with Hank and Bill (The Zombie) who is bringing his "plus one", Maggie The Maggot.


This puppet is dry-fast foam with "Muppet fleece" also known as antron fleece. I knew I wanted the hair to look wet and cartoony. Just doing fur or cutting a wig wouldn't give it that definition I was after-so each piece of hair is cut from black, L300 foam, glued to the top of the head, and then covered with a glossy black paint to give it that wet shine! His head also opens up, but I'll save that for an upcoming video! Stay tuned!


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