• Jackalope Watch Club

    Every month
Jackalope Watch Club Flyers.png

Become a member of MY Watch Club…AIN’T THAT RIGHT, KIP?! Give me, Jackie Jackalope, $3 a month and I’ll make sure Landon uses it for the following:

-Production budget for videos


-Filming on Locations

-Spray Tan (He NEEDS it! HEYO!)

Here’s what YOU get just for being part of it monthly:

-Access to Landon’s Learn Ventriloquism Master Class

-Puppet Building Patterns, Tips, Tricks, and inside sneak peaks on projects Landon’s cooking up in his puppet lab!

-Updates on Landon’s career, videos, and opportunities to share YOYR input on blog posts!

-Merch giveaways 

-Exclusive Livestream AMA’s with ME (Jackie) and Kip…also, Landon might be there too…and anyone else in our show could pop in!