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Nationally Recognized Ventriloquist, Writer, Puppet Maker & Influencer!

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Landon’s passion for performing and love of making audiences laugh originated in his grandparents' dining room, as he put on holiday skits for relatives. Today, at twenty one, Landon is known for being the "Viral Ventriloquist". Branded under the moniker "LandonVenting", Landon has amassed an online fanbase of over 1 Million followers on his TikTok page alone. Aside from performing, Landon spends his time working meticulously on professional custom character orders at his puppet building company, The Original Dummy. Not only does he build for collectors, performers, and companies worldwide-Landon has also produced every puppet he uses (from the comfort of his garage workshop) allowing him to feel "closer to the art" while he's away from the effervescent stage lights. 

Through studying past leading figures in the art of Ventriloquism, Landon has established his own style, presented, when he meets the spotlight. Several aspects set Landon apart from many performers. Landon, as a writer and artist, is constantly looking for what he can do to advance his career in the entertainment industry. His cast of characters are constantly evolving and he strives to develop a show that merges comedy with audience involvement for an unforgettable experience.

Landon says two things: he doesn’t just do a show, he puts on a performance. And, in creating laughter for every audience he performs for, he knows the stage is where he belongs.

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